A short story.

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Long time ago in a big and beautiful city called Viennavicus Vesontio. There lived a young and beautiful woman in her late 30’s. She was loved by all due to her caring and loving nature for animals and conservation.

Her love for animals and creatures was so great that she could speak and play with animals. She understood them well that they helped her in carrying out mini chores and tasks diligently.

Many who knew her from a distant, thought she was mad. …

The genesis of true love - poetry.

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He held my hands swiftly

Then held his lips on mine

I couldn’t breathe for a while

I couldn’t resist his touch

For his love

overpowered my strenght

There I lie

Unable to move

With so many thoughts

On my mind

And in my head

I wish I could push him

I wish I could just fly away

But I couldn’t do anything

He was now in-charge

In-charge of my body

In-charge of my feelings

For he is a traitor

And a monster

But still, I loved him

For what is love?

Does it still exist?

Does it live among…


A poem

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Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

In the city of Argos

In the month of Juno

Lies beside me

A most delicate jewel

That Shone like gold.

She was so beautiful

That the moon and stars

Fought for her attention

But none was able to win

The heart of my lover.

For she loved me

Yes! Only me

And no one

In this universe

Could take her away.

But she was leaving

Unto a far distance land

To visit her parents

Who lived in Varanasi

Far from Argos.

Now It’s 10'o’clock

And very late a night

For me to engage

Engaged with my lover

Before the…

Or are we driven by external forces and powers?

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Every day we are tabled with different options and alternatives. You may decide to learn a new skill or take up a new course. As well, you may decide to skip college and start a new business? These are just some of the many questions and decisions we make every single day.

Are our lives driven by external forces?

You’re the architect of your successes or failures. The decision you make today affects your tomorrow positively or negatively. There is no rocket science or fate here. It is all driven by your choice and the decisions you make.

So, before you make any decision, always think of…

Poetry in free verse.

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Life is it but a battle
Some we win
Some we lose
Others we flee
But it isn’t just about fighting
It isn’t just about losing either
Neither is it just about fleeing

When the cock crows in the morning
We leave our homes and families
We leave to discover ourselves
We do things, just anything
Hoping it leads us somewhere

Somewhere we don't know
Somewhere we hope for a better life
A life that is full of happiness
A life that is full of victories
A life that is full of Hope.

This is just not a battle This…

Evince Uhurebor

A prolific writer, poet and programmer all in one personality. Email: evinsian14@gmail.com

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